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Use your corded headphones with your phone - safely

All mobile phones are potentially dangerous

Cooler Communications contend that the internationally supported test for mobile phones, being the SAR test for the effect of microwave radiation emitted from mobile phones which is converted to heat in the human body, needs to be revisited and updated to reflect the latest scientific concerns and the recent increase from circa 800 Megahertz to 3 Gigahertz. Further, SAR testing focuses on the radiation emitted from mobile phones and is NOT concerned with mobile phone peripherals, such as corded earphones or head phones.

We are not anti mobile phone

We recognise they are an essential every day tool. However, mobile phones pose a clear potential danger to the user and for the past 15 years we have been developing technology to obviate or reduce this danger. Perceived wisdom has it that wired headsets protect against such radiation by distancing the phone from the head. Unfortunately this is not true. Whilst it is dangerous to hold a mobile phone next to the head it can be just as dangerous to use a corded headset because electromagnetic frequencies may travel up the outside of the cord and enter a user’s audio canal.Even more dangerous is when a cord attracts electromagnetic frequency from the ambient atmosphere by acting as an antenna.

Cool Call and earbuds

This danger increases if the cord is divisible by the wavelength of the frequency which a mobile phone is utilizing; creating a hot spot at the top of the cable. We have found no evidence that manufacturers of mobile phones or corded earpieces have given thought to the length of such cables in this respect.The Cooler Coms’ product range incorporates patent protected opto-isolation technology through to powerful dielectric materials to absorb radiation from headset cables and ensure that no microwave frequency can travel up any headset.Our wireless Bluetooth™ devices shield the user’s brain and eyes from microwave signal.

Cool Call - With H.A.R.D. Protection - Safety Through Science

Cool Call with H.A.R.D. Protection plugs into all mobile phones and headphones. Electromagentic frequencies, generated from either the phone or attracted to the cable from the ambient atmosphere, (which normally travel up the cable, past the thyroid, salivary glands, oral cavity and into the brain), are quickly dissipated by our powerful dielectric formula contained in a unique sealed container within Cool Call.Cool Call does not require batteries, is completely safe to use and does not affect the quality of the audio.Remember that children are even more vulnerable than adults and all the time they listen to music on their phones through a corded headset they are receiving a constant stream of microwave radiation - unless they use Cool Call.