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Cool Call Unit

Price: £19.99

Simply plug Cool Call into the 3.5mm audio out jack socket of your mobile cell phone, laptop or tablet then plug your 3.5mm headset jack into the socket on the other side of the Cool Call unit. Microwave, which travels up the metal core of your corded headset from your audio device, will be absorbed by Cool Call.

Cool Call will not remove microwave radiation from your device, nor will it prevent it from emitting microwave / RF. However, Cool Call will allow you to use your phone, laptop or tablet at a safe distance from your body.

Cool Call does not require batteries and does not degrade the quality of the audio.

Remember that children are even more vulnerable than adults and all the time they listen to music on their phones through a corded headset they are receiving a constant stream of microwave radiation along the cable from the phone - unless they use Cool Call.